Monday, December 9, 2013

Arkiv Vilmansa's Step Into My World opens this Wednesday, December 11, 2013!


It is said that artists are forever indebted to their reveries and imagination. This is most true of Arkiv Vilmansa. An endless source of inspiration is the daydreams that take the artist on unexpected journeys to unknown lands, filled with extraordinary creatures. In this imaginary landscape, a myriad of hybrid animals and plants are born. Plucked from their dream state origins, these creatures take a life of their own in the canvases of Arkiv.

Vilmansa intuitively understands that daydreaming is an indispensable part of creativity, and the canvases presented in this exhibition demonstrate this particular sensibility. It is the artist’s way of expressing that daydreaming is not a mere mind vacuum, but a way to unlock artistic potentials by embracing buried childhood memories.

Revisit the daydreams of Indonesian artist Arkiv Vilmansa in his solo exhibition, Step Into My World, this December 11, 2013 at 8pm!

See you there!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

ART FLOOD, an online art sale of contemporary art rom Nov 20 - 22, Dec 4 - 6

Together with artists and partner galleries, we would like to invite you to join ART FLOOD, an online art sale of contemporary art. 100% of the proceeds go towards the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

Participating Artists (Batch 1)

AK Ocol
Albert Siy
Allan Balisi
Bembol Dela Cruz
Chati Coronel
Chiqui Rodriguez
Christina Dy
Christina Quisumbing Ramilo
Clairlyn Uy
Corinne De San Jose
Cos Zicarelli
Cris Villanueva
Dex Fernandez
Dexter Sy
Don Salubayba
Elaine Roberto Navas
Erik Sausa
Eugene Jarque
Ian Quirante
Igan d' Bayan
Iyan de Jesus
Jacob Lindo
Jo Lofranco
Jo Santos
Jonathan Ching
Jovencio "Ungga" Mayor
Keiye Miranda
Kris Abrigo
Lena Cobangbang
Louie Cordero
Lui Medina
Luis Santos
Mariano Ching
Mike Munoz
Pardo De Leon
Patricia Perez Eustaquio
Paulo Vinluan
Ranelle Dial
Sarah Geneblazo
Soler Santos
Tammy David
Wawi Navarroza
Yasmin Sison

Participating Galleries

Art Informal
Avellana Art Gallery
Finale Art File
Pablo Gallery
Vinyl on Vinyl
vMeme Contemporary
West Gallery

The pieces can be viewed at from November 20 - 22 (Batch 1) and December 4 - 6 (Batch 2). For inquiries and reservations please contact Kath at 816-0044, 0917-587-4011 or email her at

ART WITH HEART: Silent Auction and Live Art for Typhoon Yolanda Victims, this Saturday, Nov 23!

Fully Booked, Comic Odyssey and Vinyl on Vinyl present ART WITH HEART: Silent Auction and Live Art for Typhoon Yolanda Victims. Visual, street and comic artists come together to sketch and paint live to help relief efforts of the recent typhoon.

Commission a sketch, purchase merchandise, and participate in the silent auction featuring many beautiful Original Comic Art pieces donated by both artists as well as comic fans. Visual and street artists will also be painting and selling the finished pieces. 100% of sales will support relief efforts via the GMA Kapuso Foundation.

Saturday, November 23, 2013
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
TopShelf, 5/L Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street

Participating Artists:
Aaron Felizmenio
Amos Villar
Anjo Bolarda
Ariel Atienza
Butch Mapa
Carlo Pagulayan
Carlo Vergara
Chucky Penero
Dennis Crisostomo
Dino Agor
Ed Tadeo
Egg Fiasco
Ernest Caritativo
Freely Abrigo
Gener Pedrina
Gerry Alanguilan
Gilbert Monsanto
Heubert Khan Michael
Ian Sta. Maria
Jeffrey Benitez
Jimbo Salgado
Jon Zamar
Julius Abrera
Kai Castillo
Kajo Baldisimo
Kim Jacinto
Leinil Yu
Lowe Beltran
Lui Antonio
Lyndon Gregorio
Manix Abrera
Mark Torres
Mel Casipit
Mico Suayan
Mike Banting
Norby Ela
Paolo Fabregas
Rai Cruz
RH Quilantang
Rian Gonzales
Rob Cham
Rod Espinosa
Rommel Estanislao
Romulo Fajardo
Ryan Pasibe
Stephen Segovia
Tepai Pascual
Wan Manamita

Cavity Collective group exhibit this November 22, Friday!

"Tooth be Told"

She could be the art student exploring the possibilities of street art
through paste ups and murals; or he could be the office worker looking
out the bus window just to get a glimpse of a graffiti writer’s tag on
the wall. Perhaps everyone practicing or reacting to street
art/graffiti is not just an enthusiast but they are slowly becoming
part of a promising community of individuals with the intention
of sharing their passion about the visual arts.
Cavity Collective believes and supports this community.
It is a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds
and professions that organize activities centered on the
utilization of public space as a means of visual art expression.
When the group began in 2010, its humble objective was to simply gather
people who practice street art/ graffiti. Through consistently
organizing events anchored on this idea, the group unknowingly
developed a platform that initiated an interaction among the participants - later on this became the foundation for what Cavity Collective believes as a community. 
As a part of its 3rd year
anniversary on November 27, 2013 the group will celebrate not just on doing art works on the streets but also through an exhibit about paying homage to their roots and artistic influences. 
Blic, Rai Cruz, Lamok, Qudo, Triskaideka, Lamok, Imba, Kariton, Elli, Daga, Spoof,  Karayom, Lee, Tako, Dan Pzl, Macoy, Insektoo, Cozy, Paksiw, Quatro, Cea 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Mechanical Romanticism by Iyan De Jesus on November 22, Friday!

Man ex machina

Half-length portraits of nubile women, supple of flesh and noble of face, float against a Daedalian labyrinth of interlocking sprockets, cogs, and axles. Mechanical Romanticism, the first solo exhibition from self-taught artist Iyan De Jesus, softens the metallic edge of steampunk with pliant alabaster skin. Each painting is a pastel-hued post-apocalyptic technofantasy suffused in color.

Holding court against a background of mechanical complications are nymph-like cyborgs—more human than robot—whose dignified expressions hide stories rooted in mythology, literature, snatches of song, and fleeting moments between lucidity and sleep. To help viewers divine a work’s narrative, De Jesus camouflages elements among a multitude of gears: owls, hearts, snowflakes, gas lamps, and totem poles all serve as subtle bearers of meaning.

Case in point, Chance Encounters, the largest piece in the exhibition, was born out of a vivid waking dream involving an early-morning visit from a bluebird, rendered here as an automaton. Secreted clocks, their hands indicating the relentless passage of time, represent the artist’s insomnia. Other legible symbols—empty birdhouses and a wind-up mechanism protruding from the woman’s head—push the story forward.

It is obvious that De Jesus suffers from horror vacui, fear of empty space, and she fills every corner of the picture plane with a staggering level of detail. For her, an untouched patch of canvas means that a work is unfinished. Close examination of her portraits will reveal strands of hair that have been rendered individually and meticulous eyebrows groomed by a fine brush. Other visual signatures include the illusion of embossed elements and an aversion to visible brushstrokes.

The attention to minutiae, obsession with geometric compositions and patterns, cleanliness of lines, and smoothness of surface hark back to De Jesus’s background in architecture and computer-aided design. Unlike formally trained artists who went from canvas to screen, De Jesus started “painting” with a mouse before she shifted to brushes and glazes. The jump from digital to traditional was a rebellion against the ephemeral nature of bits and bytes, as well as a surrender to the soul’s desire to create something lasting. The result is Mechanical Romanticism, a mesmerizing debut from an artist who has successfully translated her talents from new to old media.

Each painting in this exhibition demands more than a cursory glance. Those who linger and look will be rewarded by the unexpected lyricism disguised by steampunk’s retro-futuristic tendencies.  In between pulleys and wheels lie images that summon the sound of the sea, the slow and steady beat of the human heart. — ll

Rendezvous with us on November 22, 2013, Friday, at 8pm for the opening of Mechanical Romanticism, a solo art show by Iyan De Jesus.

See you there!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Grand opening of F A T: Follow the Art Today this November 4 in Singapore!

F A T: Follow the Art Today, will be having their grand opening, along with their inaugural show "Art Emporio," this coming Monday, November 4, 2013, in Singapore!

Art Emporio focuses on the significant, provocative and witty works of established and emerging Asian contemporary artists.


Featuring a slew of talented established international and emerging local artists!

Yoo Sun Tai, Lee Se Yong, Kim Kyung Min, Victor Tan, Liu Feng Hua and Dadi Setiyadi.

Sonny Liew, Mashi, Anjo Bolarda and Gabby Tiongson.

Come by if you're around the area!


6.00 - 9.00 pm

3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983
(Convention Centre side,
above Uniqlo)


+65 63363972

Friday, October 25, 2013


Don't miss the opening of Solignum Attack and Connecting Dots tomorrow night!

Look like it's gonna be another two-show night!

See you there!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Connecting Dots this October 26, 2013!

Connecting dots is a familiar puzzle – a line is drawn to join a sequence of dots, revealing a final image. It is also used as a verbal metaphor for associating ideas with one another, with the purpose of enabling one to see the bigger picture.
In this exhibit, the artists’ works prompt inquiries into relativism and absolute truth. In the contemporary context, one can easily have access to a myriad of choices, as well as corresponding justifications for them. While society and cultural milieu normally dictate the most acceptable courses of action, are these choices right? And as a corollary, how do an individual’s choices affect society as a whole? In the search for an individual truth, is the meaning of absolute truth lost?
The artists explore the range of relativism, from cautionary to optimistic – addressing whether relativism is in fact a hindrance to seeking absolute truth, enabling people to seek comfort rather than meaning in their lives, to reflection on the interconnectedness and implications of each individual’s judgments, actions and decisions. 
Each artwork, and each artist, represents an individual truth and idea, yet they are all interconnected, like the dots that connect to one another, a cell to an organism, and man to humanity.
Isa Munoz

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rob Cham's first solo show 'HEADSPACE' this Saturday, October 5!


For many happy years now, Rob Cham has been drawing stuff for a living. All this stuff has found its way into magazines and publications and objects, and now there is wonderful new stuff on canvas, for you to love and behold. After four years of exhibiting in group shows, bright young illustrator, comics artist, designer, and friend Rob Cham fills Vinyl On Vinyl with his first solo exhibit: Headspace. In his characteristic, charismatic, convoluted style, heavy on detail and feeling, Rob has Cham'd his concerns. And there are many. We feel them all. No stranger to overwork or overthinking or overflowing feelings, Rob has painstakingly depicted the pains of possibility and paralysis. Everything piles up, what you could would should have done or said, what others have done and said, the labyrinthine thought -- and we carry this on our shoulders. Rob has made portraits of us all.

Rob Cham's depictions of modern confusion take the frilly cake and eat it too. Mmm. Cake. Rob Cham, like cake, is very sweet and universally adored by big businesses and young people, and Rob has Cham'd many things for a wide audience. It is too bad that cake is incapable of art because then the only difference between Rob Cham and cake would be their ingredients. Headspace is more proof that Rob Cham is very capable of art.

written by Petra Magno

MULTIPLAY group show this Saturday, October 5!


In an era where we, (Well, technically our alternate selves. But who can tell nowadays?), can shoot plasma with arm cannons. An era where you can stomp turtles as big as mustachioed plumbers. In an era where uppercutting a 7-foot tall, one-eyed, muscular Thai man in the chest was socially acceptable; you can leave all your self-imposed limitations behind. As far as the eye can see, as far as your imagination can reach, nothing is beyond your wildest dreams. You can be whatever you want to be.

Over the years, video games has redefined the virtual landscape. Constantly evolving, upping the ante one game after the other. From Pacman, to Super Mario, to Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider to Grand Theft Auto.

The video game has forever changed the face of entertainment and modern technology.

Multiplay is a playful exchange between man and the virtual world. The exhibit presents the video game phenomenon as it attempts to confine it back into its box. Multiplay explores the influence of the virtual world as each artist pay homage to various games.

Come play with us at the MULTIPLAY exhibit this coming Saturday, October 5! 
Games start at 7pm!

See you there!


Monday, September 2, 2013

Vinyl on Vinyl and the STGCC 2013!

Vinyl On Vinyl is showcasing a slew of artists this year for STGCC!

Anjo Bolarda was immortalized his Nasty by making it into a 13" sexy plush. Being released at STGCC for 30sgd each. We will also have various prints for 5sgd and original art. You can commission him to Nastify your favorite character during the Con.

Quiccs has a special STGCC release that he only created 10 pieces which will be 50 sgd each. He also has a paper toy collab with us along with Anjo that is 5 sgd each.

Gabby Tiongson's Meatus is based on its scientific term. If you are curious on what it is I suggest you google it now. This is his very first toy release. There are two colorways- Copper and Rainbow. Only 10 pieces were made per color way.

We also have a few pieces of the Jon Burgerman Burger that is 180 sgd each from our last show with him. This hand painted resin figure is limited to only 35 pieces. It comes with a certificate of authenticity which is signed and numbered.

We will have the OG color way of Mashi's Honnie and a special STGCC color way release. The first 10 people to get a set will receive a free black chair like the one they are sitting on. It costs 80 sgd per piece.

Vinyl On Vinyl collaborated with Singapore's Sonny Liew to bring his Pinocchio to life! Standing 8" tall, each resin piece is delicately hand painted with a wood finish. He has an interchangeable nose for when he is lying. He also comes with a special hoodie that can be fully zipped or taken off. The all wood is a special STGCC release. It is 200sgd per piece.

Wantondoodle's Iconic Can Of Worms will be seen for the first time! The figure stands a whopping 13" tall. Each worm is individually sculpted and interchangeable. Ode to Warhol's 32 soup cans, Wantondoodle created 32 unique labels of his own. The first 15 will be released in STGCC. Each set costs 240 SGD.

Collaborated with Pop Junk Love for Pocket Plush. It's a variety to hand stitched plush keychains of your favorite Iconic characters that costs 5 sgd per piece. 

See you at booth F56!!!!