Monday, September 2, 2013

Vinyl on Vinyl and the STGCC 2013!

Vinyl On Vinyl is showcasing a slew of artists this year for STGCC!

Anjo Bolarda was immortalized his Nasty by making it into a 13" sexy plush. Being released at STGCC for 30sgd each. We will also have various prints for 5sgd and original art. You can commission him to Nastify your favorite character during the Con.

Quiccs has a special STGCC release that he only created 10 pieces which will be 50 sgd each. He also has a paper toy collab with us along with Anjo that is 5 sgd each.

Gabby Tiongson's Meatus is based on its scientific term. If you are curious on what it is I suggest you google it now. This is his very first toy release. There are two colorways- Copper and Rainbow. Only 10 pieces were made per color way.

We also have a few pieces of the Jon Burgerman Burger that is 180 sgd each from our last show with him. This hand painted resin figure is limited to only 35 pieces. It comes with a certificate of authenticity which is signed and numbered.

We will have the OG color way of Mashi's Honnie and a special STGCC color way release. The first 10 people to get a set will receive a free black chair like the one they are sitting on. It costs 80 sgd per piece.

Vinyl On Vinyl collaborated with Singapore's Sonny Liew to bring his Pinocchio to life! Standing 8" tall, each resin piece is delicately hand painted with a wood finish. He has an interchangeable nose for when he is lying. He also comes with a special hoodie that can be fully zipped or taken off. The all wood is a special STGCC release. It is 200sgd per piece.

Wantondoodle's Iconic Can Of Worms will be seen for the first time! The figure stands a whopping 13" tall. Each worm is individually sculpted and interchangeable. Ode to Warhol's 32 soup cans, Wantondoodle created 32 unique labels of his own. The first 15 will be released in STGCC. Each set costs 240 SGD.

Collaborated with Pop Junk Love for Pocket Plush. It's a variety to hand stitched plush keychains of your favorite Iconic characters that costs 5 sgd per piece. 

See you at booth F56!!!!