Sunday, December 19, 2010

7" Manny Pacquiao has just arrived!!!!

The wait is over! Santa just dropped off the perfect toy for Christmas. Now available for 2,500 php.

Friday, December 10, 2010

What happened on doodle night

Thanks for making for the great night guys! Hope you like your sketches.
See you all tonight for the live painting and tomorrow for Arkiv's exhibit opening

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sneak Peak!

Here's a look at what we've been busy about for Arkiv's big event in Manila!

Paintings that just arrived

Arkiv's 3 1/2 foot resin figure

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ARKIV's first Manila solo show at Vinyl on Vinyl gallery

December 9, 7pm Doodle night (let Arkiv and other artists doodle in your sketchbooks) at Vinyl on Vinyl gallery

December 10, 10pm Party and live art at Bside

December 11, 6pm Exhibit opening at Vinyl on Vinyl gallery

Indonesian artist Arkiv Vilmansa has been painting, illustrating and designing cartoon-like figures since 2005. Shortly after finishing his Bachelor degree in Architecture, he plunged into the art world citing his love for drawing figures as his inspiration for this change of career path. Arkiv had a strong debut with his first vinyl figurine called Arkiv Instant. After Arkiv Instant, many exciting vinyl toys followed including a redesign of Mickey Mouse for Disney Asia.

“Out of Nothing” is a portal into Arkiv’s parallel world. Harnessing creations from his lucid dreams. Eloquently using each stroke to make curves so vivid and fluid as it forms along the surface. Slowly embodying such playfully bold creatures that evoke a strange charm to them. Some having bunny ears, others having ears that resemble a mouse. Most vaguely reflecting creatures from our daily lives yet cleverly manages to escape such conformity. Possessing dynamic movements that makes you feel that they are going to break through the very canvass in which they were formed.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

BINIL Exhibit Artist Profile: Punch! Kick! and Ira Tan


Punch! Kick! Is a two-man collab team composed of brothers Miko Punch and Jolo Kick. They love movies, toys and hamburgers. They’re heavily influenced by Saturday morning cartoons and Japanese sentai shows. A common theme in their customized toys and short films is humor infused with twisted Filipino references. Someday, they wish to dominate the pirated toys industry in Metro Manila, one shady toy at a time.

Ira Tan is a pre-school and art teacher, music lover and dreamer.

For inquiries, email

*Photos c/o Ian Pedarse and

Saturday, November 27, 2010

BINIL Exhibit Artist Profile: Nico Deacosta


Graduate of De La Salle University with a bachelor degree in Manufacturing Engineering and Management. Started customizing toys in college where he experimented on Mcfarlane NBA figures. His introduction to vinyl toys started in 2008 with the Mighty Muggs. He is now a freelance multimedia artist and toy customizer. He promotes Filipino talents through his blog Likhang Pinoy .

999-MADL is Custom Toy Union's custom of the week!



For inquiries, email

*Photos c/o Ian Pedarse and

BINIL Exhibit Artist Profile: Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica


Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica is a toy and graphic design team comprised of brothers Stephen and Spencer Ong. They are the first Filipino artists to have an internationally produced vinyl toy.

Photos by Ian Pedarse

For inquiries, email

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

OG Debametall Fahrenheit

A hero is not a hero without a villain....



Each figure will come with a blackboard, 4 swords, a cape, and the second episode mini comic of this series. Packed in a gift box with flocked blister.

SRP Php4500

To Pre-order, email the following information to
Please specify the number of quantities you wish to order.

OG DebaMetall Fahrenheit is Exclusively Distributed by The Sculpeyman Trading

visit online store for more products

BINIL Exhibit Artist Profile: Jomike Tejido

See more of Jomike's works at

Photographer: Ian Pedarse

Email for product inquiries

BINIL Artist Profile: Nemo, Whoop, Tripp 63


Nemo is a multi-disciplinary artist (drawing, illustration, sculpting, painting, printing). He also customizes toys and is an active member of Pilipinas Street Plan, a community that has grown committed in showcasing and celebrating ephemeral artworks on streets – from graffiti, print and events.


Urban toy designer and Pilipinas Street Plan member.


Tripp 63 is a graffiti artist, toy customizer who prefers walls as the canvass and spray can as the medium of choice. His style is graffiti-inspired characters and letters with colorful patterns. He believes graffiti will stay and is the future of art.

Photos by Ian Pedarse

For inquiries, email