Thursday, August 30, 2012

Illegal Gathering exhibit at Flabslab Singapore

Vinyl on Vinyl and Gabby Tiongson in Singapore!

Flabslab brings selected artists for a pre-stgcc gathering!

See you tonight at Flabslab, 1 Commonwealth , 06-11 One Commonwealth, Singapore

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Upcoming show: A Letter from Manila (Chill x Bato)

The streets of Manila are diversified dwelling for art, people and culture. It’s panorama of different eras describes the past, present and future of once most sophisticated place in the Philippines.

The art of graffiti resides in Manila’s walls in common with today’s inhabitants, business and its law enforcements which are incorporated with BATO’s pieces. His lines form blissful architectural symmetry and letters mixed with blunt colors representing the souls meeting in the streets everyday. When one portion is gone, the feel of Manila will never be the same.

These are the same memories present in the works of CHILL. His personal dreamland came from the souls that he met along his journey. The faces from film, music and popular culture are fined through Letras Y Figuras, reviving Filipino’s unsung signature style using contour and colors of humans and objects in creating art scripts.

This is the culture that tells the story of Manila from the eyes of the two young artists collaborated to redefine graffiti and street art more just vandalism and destruction. It is part of their lives and yours too. This is a letter from Manila.

- Words by Anna Villena

Check out CHILL X BATO's teaser video HERE