Monday, December 9, 2013

Arkiv Vilmansa's Step Into My World opens this Wednesday, December 11, 2013!


It is said that artists are forever indebted to their reveries and imagination. This is most true of Arkiv Vilmansa. An endless source of inspiration is the daydreams that take the artist on unexpected journeys to unknown lands, filled with extraordinary creatures. In this imaginary landscape, a myriad of hybrid animals and plants are born. Plucked from their dream state origins, these creatures take a life of their own in the canvases of Arkiv.

Vilmansa intuitively understands that daydreaming is an indispensable part of creativity, and the canvases presented in this exhibition demonstrate this particular sensibility. It is the artist’s way of expressing that daydreaming is not a mere mind vacuum, but a way to unlock artistic potentials by embracing buried childhood memories.

Revisit the daydreams of Indonesian artist Arkiv Vilmansa in his solo exhibition, Step Into My World, this December 11, 2013 at 8pm!

See you there!