Thursday, March 20, 2014

Three Days Left!

Three days left before Art in the Park! Show us some love and drop by our booth ;) See you there!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

MARCH EXHIBIT SPACE | It Came From the Night and Fear by Christian 'Tano' Panaligan on March 29!


 It Came From the Night and Fear

When he was a little boy, instead of hiding under the safety of his blankets, Tano has always found himself seeking the creatures bedtime stories were made of.

From the night terrors that lurked in the shadows to the little creepers that lay just out of sight, 'It Came From the Night and Fear' is the stuff of childhood nightmares. It is a 20-piece collection of acrylic work on paper brought to life by the runaway imagination and the two very eager hands of Christian 'Tano' Panaligan.

MARCH EXHIBIT SPACE | Super Swimming Pool by Kris Abrigo on March 29!

Super Swimming Pool

It is safe to say that most, if not every fresh, wide-eyed, young artist who has wobbled their way into the belly of the creative beast has come across this statement at least once in their artistic journey: “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” It is an irony to cuff the statement with creativity, yet it is used to the point of cliché. We’ve become a culture of imitation, a sea of mirrors that reflect the next best thing.

Dive into the pool of the non-originals and the lifestyle of the something borrowed. We are at the age of copy and paste. An age where it is believed that self-preservation leads to stagnation and the stolen perspective becomes its own work of art.

Super Swimming Pool is a reflection of the art world where everything is inspired by something else and the only thing original is the vandalism of another. It is an exhibit that mimics the act of taking something that exists and making it your own, at the cost of swimming at the shallow waters of strained innovation and originality.

In true Repro Pop (Reproduction of Pop) fashion, Kris Abrigo dives head first into a pool of borrowed ideas and reoccurring techniques, and gives the place a much-needed taste of their own medicine. Yet unlike still waters, Kris tampers with the stillness and creates a calculated turbulence. Warning: a slight distortion may occur.

Kris Abrigo is a sculptor, a painter and an illustrator, just to name a few. He studied in Fine Arts and majored in Visual Communication in UP Diliman. He has won a national sculpture competition and has had a handful of group shows under his belt.  His work has gained much visibility over the years from doing street art for a year and doing illustrations and set designs for magazines, to creating murals for commercial and residential spaces, and crafting design sculptures for a furniture shop.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gary Baseman's book signing at VOV

The Door Is Always Open 

This catalogue to the first museum retrospective of Gary Baseman’s extraordinary work explores the very personal world of a unique American artist. Gary Baseman has been an avid artist since childhood, his visual vernacular defined by his Jewish upbringing in the multicultural landscape of Los Angeles and by the popular forms of television, films, games, toys, and cartoons from the 1930s to the present day. With The Door Is Always Open, the Skirball Cultural Center presents the first major retrospective of Baseman’s career to date, exhibiting the artist’s work and personal artifacts within the compelling and novel conceit of a home within a gallery. The show is designed to resemble a tour of a house, at once highlighting the intensely personal nature of Baseman’s work (and reflecting the locality of his influences) and drawing attention to the effortless but deliberate movement between disciplines and boundaries inherent in his art. This beautifully illustrated catalogue follows the structure of the exhibition and brings to it a wealth of material to present a comprehensive survey of Baseman’s work across all media, from his early editorial illustration work to his expansive and character-based paintings, his poignant animations to his tragicomic films and photography, and from his coveted sculptures and vinyl toys to the closely guarded personal collection of the objects that inspired it all. 

Book signing tomorrow, March 7 at Vinyl on Vinyl.  
PHP  1980.00

PLAY WITH US OR ELSE says Gary Baseman

Join our little play date with Gary Baseman tomorrow, March 7,2014 at 8pm, at Vinyl on Vinyl! There will be art, there will be chouchous, and lots of mischievous merry making!

With an exhibit, a book signing and a live art stint with Froi Calayag, this is one powwow you don’t want to miss!

Play with us or else…