Tuesday, July 1, 2014

GODSEND's 'Shit for Breakfast' tomorrow, July 2, at 8pm!


SHIT FOR BREAKFAST is when you wake up in the morning and you have pink eye. It's the fly in your whiskey glass when you have the last drop of alcohol. A bowl full of cereal and an empty carton of milk. 

Chichimonster and Notti, collectively, GODHAND reflects on the reality that is  life - the elephant in the room and the other side of the story. It's the day to day struggle that people constantly face but never quite talk about. The two collaborate in a series of paintings of satire and the mundane reflecting present day truths and inconveniences. 

The show also includes sculptures continuing the conversation of Chichimonster's 1% Luxury where the man made becomes dogmatic symbols repurposed and faced with the social convenience of accesibility  and the hype and how ridiculous it all is fully aware that everyhing done today will eventually be a future relic.  

Chichimonster continues and expounds more in SHIT FOR BREAKFAST with his signature photo - realistic portraits of walls , reflecting memories and things that irk his scubconcious expressed in the abstractions that he makes.

Feast on reality with us tomorrow, July 2, 2014, Wednesday. See you there!