Sunday, February 15, 2015

False Assault by Patch Quinto

Usually after spending academic years, whether you've failed it or not, questions raised about life and how to live it, transforming learning to mainly just earning, bringing yourselves toward the promise of what has been subliminally dictated to you as "the good life".

You wake up, you check your clock. As a weird sedating consciousness latches onto your head, with its central incisors making its way to your cranium as it tears your thin scalp. Your jaws lock, eyes  twitch as a rapid sequence of images is about to enter your automated condition in the mundane fills your brain. Struggling with routines, tangled between the weaves of work assigned to you as a peons in the service to whatever company you are tied to, striving for each quota-per day required, flowing in a unison as a member of the labor force. You drown in your right thoughts and clouded judgement as you try to live up to this striking consciousness that crossed your mind and you find it impossible to mobilize because of the uncertainty of where this consciousness would lead you.

It's Patcho's second solo exhibition, the expansion of consciousness appears to be malignant in offering us severed details in relation to what he encounters as an active participants of the labor force. Unsettled though limitations and confinements defined his job as a graphic designer for websites a continuous progression on his art practice results to a non-secular type of production that includes basic elements composed of repetitive lines, shapes and outburst of colors illuminates multi-layers of amalgamated images creating a monotony of satirically animate/inanimate subjects. The inclusion of popular visual tropes draws his viewer towards analyzing Patch's critique about the effect of popular media in a larger spectrum. Anatomically grotesque representation of dissected human flesh raises discussions and coherent inquiries of the basis of questioning human perception and behavior. Moreover, his familiarity of using lines as a continuous transgression from each subject to another consistently projects the whole series of works.

Importantly, lest we forget the artist exhibition of his recent works must be examined in acquiring his own solutions on his capabilities in transforming significant observations and progresses based on his daily routines rooted in his art-making. It's not product itself produced as a graphic designer or as an artist but how he manages and still enjoy to co-exist between to similar dichotomies.

Art Unfair At The Leenk by Romeo Lee