Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dr Sketchy's Manila "THE SEA TEMPTRESS"

Despite the rainfall, last September 14, among artists and close encounters, Vinyl on Vinyl dove head first into the provocative sea of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School for a night filled with ‘sexy sirens, spirits and sketches,’ proving that we’re not afraid to get a little wet.

In true Dr. Sketchy’s fashion, the night was filled with the sound of scribbling pens and the sensual display of a mermaid, or in this case, a ‘SEA TEMPTRESS.’ The night’s art muse, Lolita, decorated the intimate space with regal, under the sea sexy for the on looking artists. With a generous serving of detailed costumes and eye-catching back drops, and a delicious main course of mermaids and sketchbooks, Dr. Sketchy’s the ‘SEA TEMPTRESS’ was a splashing success. Pun intended.

SEA TEMPTRESS images By Louie Manay

The Sea Temptress "Lolita" - Monique Degolacion
Stylist and Makeup - Royale House and Victor Loong
Wire sculptures by Shekinah Valdez
Dani Rose Arevalo
Janine Lothovich
Gunship Revolution
Spidersilk Productions