Thursday, February 7, 2013

Extended Play

Don't forget to drop by and party with us as we celebrate our 3rd year anniversary tomorrow, 9pm onwards! 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Extended Play!

With the digital age a lurking behemoth, it’s tendrils rooted in these fast times and even faster lives, we’re taking the time to look back and pay homage to a slower more deliberate era. A moment where artists and listeners were not by-product and end-product; they were collaborators, each taking time to create, digest, and fulfill all the expressions that would eventually make it to that one magical record. This symbioticrelationship has faded somewhat in a distant, digitized world, the effort between the collaborators and the listener taking time to
support the dedication behind the artful forces of music not commonplace. We miss it.

As with the most important things in life, nothing is ever truly lost. Merely forgotten. Join us, as we remember.

We have carefully hand picked some of the most enigmatically creative artists to capture that perfect moment wherein time and space is at seize and all senses are just directed onto that single record.

With a slew of artists, paint here and there, and a number of vinyl records in need of a little punch, for our third year anniversary a fusion of music and art will take place once again in scintillating proportions. Looks like third times the charm.

Igan D Bayan
Anjo Bolarda
Froilan Calayag
Bjorn Calleja
JP Cuison
Jigger Cruz
Mideo M. Cruz
Kiko Escora
Dex Fernandez
Ramona Dela Cruz-gaston
Kawayan De Guia
Arvin Javier
Luis Lorenzana
Raffy Napay
Epjey Pacheco
Neil Pasilan
Dee Jae Paeste
Mark Salvatus
Randy Solon
Dexter Sy
Gabby Tiongson