Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cavity Collective group exhibit this November 22, Friday!

"Tooth be Told"

She could be the art student exploring the possibilities of street art
through paste ups and murals; or he could be the office worker looking
out the bus window just to get a glimpse of a graffiti writer’s tag on
the wall. Perhaps everyone practicing or reacting to street
art/graffiti is not just an enthusiast but they are slowly becoming
part of a promising community of individuals with the intention
of sharing their passion about the visual arts.
Cavity Collective believes and supports this community.
It is a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds
and professions that organize activities centered on the
utilization of public space as a means of visual art expression.
When the group began in 2010, its humble objective was to simply gather
people who practice street art/ graffiti. Through consistently
organizing events anchored on this idea, the group unknowingly
developed a platform that initiated an interaction among the participants - later on this became the foundation for what Cavity Collective believes as a community. 
As a part of its 3rd year
anniversary on November 27, 2013 the group will celebrate not just on doing art works on the streets but also through an exhibit about paying homage to their roots and artistic influences. 
Blic, Rai Cruz, Lamok, Qudo, Triskaideka, Lamok, Imba, Kariton, Elli, Daga, Spoof,  Karayom, Lee, Tako, Dan Pzl, Macoy, Insektoo, Cozy, Paksiw, Quatro, Cea 

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