Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rob Cham's first solo show 'HEADSPACE' this Saturday, October 5!


For many happy years now, Rob Cham has been drawing stuff for a living. All this stuff has found its way into magazines and publications and objects, and now there is wonderful new stuff on canvas, for you to love and behold. After four years of exhibiting in group shows, bright young illustrator, comics artist, designer, and friend Rob Cham fills Vinyl On Vinyl with his first solo exhibit: Headspace. In his characteristic, charismatic, convoluted style, heavy on detail and feeling, Rob has Cham'd his concerns. And there are many. We feel them all. No stranger to overwork or overthinking or overflowing feelings, Rob has painstakingly depicted the pains of possibility and paralysis. Everything piles up, what you could would should have done or said, what others have done and said, the labyrinthine thought -- and we carry this on our shoulders. Rob has made portraits of us all.

Rob Cham's depictions of modern confusion take the frilly cake and eat it too. Mmm. Cake. Rob Cham, like cake, is very sweet and universally adored by big businesses and young people, and Rob has Cham'd many things for a wide audience. It is too bad that cake is incapable of art because then the only difference between Rob Cham and cake would be their ingredients. Headspace is more proof that Rob Cham is very capable of art.

written by Petra Magno

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