Saturday, November 10, 2012

Going past the SURFACE

What is a portrait?

Pressed against the black painted walls of Vinyl on Vinyl are portraits of countless characters, with or without a face. From empty frames to seemingly empty silhouettes, the exhibit paints a picture worth a thousand words.

Pilipinas Streets Plan’s very own, DEFS and VR, takes refuge in VOV and redefines the meaning of a portrait. From the plain-Jane notion of a ‘composed image of an individual’ comes a new definition that goes beyond the face of man.  From faces of the flesh to blank surfaces, DEFS and VR creates ‘something admired, something that makes you want to look forward to seeing on a daily basis, and something iconic.’

‘Surface’  was displayed in Vinyl on Vinyl last September 29-October 17, 2012. Pass on by and get re-educated on surfaces and portraits.

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