Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Frown not!


speak upon you
as you stroke the first lines
of this thing that defines
something you know art

a body of flesh we are, i told you
you answered were not

a gathered fact, in a span of time
defines your existence

but you have said it's not

i asked you
to define
what is you about?

you draw a skull
in his lollipop

were always be the young men, you said
trapped on our rotting bodies
our youth plays, you said
in a coy of living dirty

your things look down upon me with compassion
even that famous mustache
had not escaped
your imaginations

giving life to dreams
and stories of real time
oh, this is not history in your imagery

when we were skulls
eventually...and literally
soon we'll be powderized
oh so freakin literally

frown not, our bodies travel
on the cosmic
on the mountains
on winter soil
and summer breeze
landing some of our pieces
on someone else's teacups
traveling on their physical bodies
to their imaginations
and dreams

they would say they know you
but they know not
creating another life
of a young boy and his bike
and his cat
and his father
and his chap.


Ren Quinio was born on a not so cloudy day of August, 26 years back. Since knowing how to use his brain on such passion, his room had been flooding out of imaginations and dreams of becoming and having something like this - a solo exhibit of his creations.
Once inspired by street art and still life ( a not so nice combination) he then found his eye for Pop Surreal and Low brow art, creating his own style of bringing out rainbows on a decaying stage of lif

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