Sunday, April 29, 2012


When a nightmare catches you in its claws, you're thrown into a world where the bizarre feels chillingly real, where possibilities are ripped out from the very depths of your mind. Nightmares are the host of many things that shouldn't exist, you try to rationalize in your head, yet you remain entranced, haunted, and defenseless. Nightmares teach you that there's always something sinister beneath the floorboards, something monstrous lying in wait behind the closet, something vile confined within your soul.

It's not always a dark and stormy night.

The bright colors concocted by Mother Nature inspire both beauty and danger. Gaudy colors imprinted on territorial predators warn us of the lethal venom they possess. The blinding lights of the city bring to mind modern fears and thrills. Nightmares are not all visions of the macabre shrouded by gloom and doom. As mankind evolves and devolves, the room of the night terrors dutifully refurnishes itself for its unwitting guests. Here to take you on a tour around this sinister yet enchanting chamber are the young artists of SPIDERSILK PRODUCTIONS.

Dione D'Souza is a designer-in- training, caffeine junkie, Imp breeder and chaos-enthusiast born and raised in Manila. Thriving on a steady diet of Books, B-movies, Goth rock and South Indian prawn curry, she has recently developed an affinity towards watercolour, gouache, sculpting and pop surrealism.

Maku Felix is a freelance artist who loves doodling, painting, chugging down coffee, and playing console games more than socializing. Yet she captures everyone's attention when she takes the stage, with her powerful voice and her arresting stage presence. In truth she is much saner than everyone gives her credit for.

Isobel Francisco just recently got into the swing of illustrating for an audience and looking relatively presentable at art galleries. When she's not working as Copywriter and Creative Specialist for GMA Marketing & Productions, Inc., she spends her time painting, wearing torn clothes and dog collars, and drowning in music. 

Alex Lara is a photo editor by day and neurotic weirdo-artist by night, whilst obsessing over Milton, World War II, and paintings by great Renaissance artists. She is the most idiosyncratic among the Lady Arachnids, of which all blame should be put towards the little mice that take over her brain in the worst of situations and leave their host to derisions of the artistic kind.

Come in, and leave all pleasant dreams at the door. 

Tentaculum Deluge by Alex Lara

 Mute by Dione D' Souza

Grow Up by Isobel Francisco

Breathe by Maku Felix

Acid Asylum also features guest artists Marius Black and Gabriel Tiongson.   

To view the rest of the ACID ASYLUM artworks, click HERE .   Opening night photos can be viewed at the Spidersilk Productions page.   

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