Monday, April 30, 2012

PRETA INUX: Rommel Pastrana Celespara's one man show

featuring works of Rommel Pastrana Celespara

Influenced not just by painters but writers like Dante Allegeri and his interpretations of hell through the monumental epic "Divine Comedy," Irish novelist Bram Stoker and his undying tale about "Dracula," and English novelist Mary Shelley's renowned gothic novel "Frankenstein." Countess Elizabeth Bathory of Hungary and her prolific serial killing throughout history have some contribution in his passion for art. Using surrealism and pop art as a medium, Rommel Pastrana Celespara's work is full of disturbing and highly depicting visual negativity. His artworks were a bit similar as those gothic/baroque Western-style paintings from the Dark Age period, horror movie posters, comics and Pop advertisement from the 50’s up to the early 90’s.

He was fascinated by the Church’s grotesque old paintings and religious relics, and finds it as a symbol of monstrosity and conspiracy in that certain era. At a young age, Rommel was raised as a Roman Catholic run by Dominican congregation but later turned skeptical when he became an acolyte and was exposed to the lies nd hoax created by the church, thus addressing those issues in his body of work. He is currently employed as an art director/marketing manager that fuels  his passion for art and allows him to explore other possibilities beyond his forte.

Catch Preta Inux, at Vinyl on Vinyl at The Collective, 7274 Malugay St. Makati.  

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