Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Double Feature Group Show

It's tacky, nauseating, yet such a shameful delight to watch. Insane,
bizarre, yet feeds our curiosity with brightness and comforting
horror. These oddball cult favorites contact the senses and
fascination of young artists Tyang, Quatro, Bins Palma, Wani and

These vivid eyed five take on their cultographies and represent
significant film features to similarly double such harmony and
perception that it has. Goonies, Mars Attacks, Perfume, The Virgin
Suicides, Ghost World. These cult classic choices depict its memorable
film occurences for its weight.

As visual composers this is similar to their crafting that every
apparent minor detail is relevantly stitched together with great care
to create the fabric of their work. The reality that it imposes is
underappreciated that sometimes defects and failures bear instead of
triumphs. We ignore the great opportunity when we lose compassion and
discipline. There is not a bunch of shifts to take. In the end we all
have to write our ending.

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