Thursday, December 11, 2014

Melting Point! by Rai Cruz, Quatro, Tyang Karyel

Dec. 11, 2014
Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery: Left Wing

MeltLab is a group of three street artists who have come together based on
the common idea of melting individual boundaries and working together as a
unified entity. Their challenge is one that allows them as well to move beyond
the streets that they have individually navigated, to spaces that will engage
with their artistic task of making art that is functional, and is not merely
hung on gallery walls or homes. 

Rai Cruz, QUATRO (Quatro Los Banos), and TYANG (Carriel Santos) are
MeltLab and they work in various forms of art such as: painting, customizing
objects, assemblage, murals, and public art. Their specifice experiences in
public spaces that has allowed MeltLab to believe in the ability of the visual
arts to genuinely connect with people, and their goal as well is to establish a
business that is a reflection of this belief.

Any space – from city streets to home interiors, blank rooms to bars –
can be activated by an art piece, one that initiatesand encouragesreflection
and critical thinking. The practice of public art reminds us that while
television and technology have captured people’s attention, spectators engage
with the visual arts differently, where Interaction is one that’s about sitting
and staying, and having conversations. 

MeltLab levels up the spectator’s conversation with art by
re-envisioning these as functional and familiar objects such as common
household furniture. It is this combination of normal and standard shapes and
furniture vis a vis the extraordinariness of the visual art that will adorn it,
that is at the heart of this project. This exhibition is an antidote to the
prevalence of mass produced items, where we trust that an art audience would
know to appreciate the value – aesthetic, reflective, thought process behind –
one-of-a-kind hand-crafted pieces of functional visual art. 

MeltLab has long wanted to work beyond the spaces of the streets and
beyond our usual canvasses of wood / cement / paint. Without a doubt, working
on simple functional pieces and reworking these into art pieces can only be a
level-up to the work we usually do. -Katrina Stuart Santiago

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