Wednesday, July 31, 2013

RUNNING EXHIBIT: Homemade featuring the Abrigo brothers

Collaborative Emergence and the environment that surrounds it. By applying various sociopolitical and cultural themes such as urban decay resulting in poverty, overpopulation, and homelessness, the artists along with their individual styles create visual tension in an attempt 
The brothers Buen, Kris, and Frances Abrigo aim to present their own interpretations of craftsmanship as influenced by the physical form that constitutes the house 
to represent how those issues challenge creativity. They are highly influenced 
by the improvisational culture that is brought about by that which is inevitable--
the force of mother nature and that which is uncertain--humankind.

As true craftsmen and masters of improvisation, the brothers construct their art using the same carpentry techniques that are applied when building a home. Individual styles brought about by different artistic influences are curiously merged to depict the invention of emerging thought patterns.

Opposing elements such as calculation and improvisation allow the artists to explore the infinite possibilities of their craft using various materials related to homebuilding such as wood and paper. The calculated risk in the physical form is evident in 
each art. Static images playfully translate into 3 dimensions as an attempt to develop visual representations of intuitive motion. Finally, the involvement of artistic simulacra in the intentional use of distortion is used in an effort to reveal the obscure 
truths in our society. 

-Jill Adolfo

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