Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Art has always been an ever-changing, infinitely morphing animal. But such change has not seen anything as drastic as it has in the last decade. As the liberating light of social media and the internet blankets our shared consciousness, so does it cast dark shadows on the fringes and empty byways. Today’s Pop Culture, and the Art mirrored by it, has forever transformed.
Yesterday’s art feels distant, as if eons have passed.  Yesteryears Pop Culture almost seems laborious; inspirations coming only from one’s local culture and what the Masters  Of Mass Media choose to hold sway over—to disseminate over to you or I. Imagination is supposed to be limitless, but only now does it feel this way.

Today’s Art is freedom. It is now a collective hive-mind of a shared culture, a worldly make up of ideals and wishes and purity. But most of all, today’s Pop Culture is unpretentious;  a shared experience that the same joke can be delivered to 2 distinct individuals oceans apart, yet laugh at the same time. Technology and social media has afforded our Pop Culture Art to be something it has never been:
Art is now Unity.

Art is the crashing rubble, where old walls stood wide and silent.
Art is our tangled web, and all the wondrous confusion that entails.
But mostly, Art is our mirror.

This exhibition is that reflection. It is the lipid pool where we all catch our reflections together; our waking dreams staring back at us, delivering the punch line. This time, unlike times past, we get it, and laugh and smile in unison.

Adrian Evangelista

Anjo Bolarda

Carmie Cucueco

Ciron Seneres

Dino Gabito

Dominic Alfonso

Iggy Rodriguez

Iyan de Jesus

JR Urao

Jepoy Almario

Kris Abrigo

Luis Hernandez

Soleil Ignacio

Tokwa Penaflorida

Michael Vincent Zacarias

Iconopop runs until June 27, 2012 at Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery, at The Collective 7274 Malugay St Makati. 

For exhibit more exhibit photos, click HERE.

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