Monday, November 1, 2010

BINIL Exhibit Preview

Art expression holds for everyone limitless possibilities. One proof is the custom vinyl toys that are now hitting the country’s urban scene. This catching up trend is said to be a totally unique manifestation of art expression that’s worthy of all the hip art lovers’ attention.

Custom Vinyl Toys started hyping the world of art abroad in the late 90’s. Slowly, Filipino artists got encouraged to catch up with the trend and create their own versions of vinyl toys. Now, some of them are already gaining recognition from other countries because of their impressive works. And now is about time to showcase their custom vinyl toys in their own country. It won’t just be a call for recognition but a call out to other talented Filipino artists out there to be proud of their own works and inspire them to continue on with their passion.

In the spirit of expressing and valuing art, Spencer Ong and Stephen Ong of Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica, designer of Kuso Vinyl’s Celsius Figure is coming up with a vinyl toys exhibit together with top Filipino vinyl toy customizers. Joining them are Nico Deacosta and his Mighty Muggs, Trip 63's Carrotbombing which is one of the main proponents of graffiti in the Philippines. With Trip 63 are other multi-talented artists such as Whoop, Nemo, Wesndestroy, M.G., Litan and Ira Tan. There’s also architect Jomike Tejido with his Robotars and graphic artists Jan Calleja and Gilbert Ibanez with their customs.

These highly talented artists will hold a big exhibit entitled “Binil” at Vinyl on Vinyl – The Collective on November 5, 2010 at 6:30pm.

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