Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Coarse Toys Jaws Custom by Huck Gee

Who wants some Sushi?


Here’s a look at Huck Gee's completed custom Coarsetoys Jaws figure done as a commission for a private collector. The subtle and elegant design is an homage to the art of sushi, a reference to the collector’s sushi restaurant business. Huck’s custom highlights the pivotal role of the sea through the sculpted octopus tentacles/arms which compliment the existing shark head. The painted wood faux finish gives a sense of a hand-crafted piece and ties into the purity and craft of Sushi making. The granite base serves as a classy finishing touch for the custom. An excellent piece from the inspired concept to the strong execution.


(Source: http://www.vinylpulse.com/2010/09/huck-gee-custom-coarsetoys-jaws-figure.html)

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